Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Out of action

The author in action - though this picture was taken a few weeks ago (courtesy Nick King)
Still on the football theme, I've been conspicuously absent from the Bayon Wanderers team line-up in recent weeks due to an eye infection that is refusing to clear up completely. Its been incredibly frustrating as my fitness was getting better after years (seven to be precise) of inactivity only for the eye problem to put me back on the sidelines. It also means I won't be able to take part in the Hun Sen cup competition where our team might be paired with one of the top club sides in the country and games played at the Olympic Stadium. What a bummer. I've been back to the doctors again this week for stronger medicine and I hope that will do the trick. In the meantime, the Bayon team will no doubt soldier on without me. There is a constant influx, and outflux, of players so I know I won't be missed. In fact I've been seriously disappointed with my own form whilst playing for the team, but I suppose that's understandable after such a lengthy lay-off, and I must remember that I am no longer a spring-chicken, far from it. I am not happy unless I'm scoring goals, so my rather pathetic tally of a few goals hasn't helped either. Anyway enough of feeling sorry for myself... onwards and upwards!

Lots of media coverage for the Amazing Race television series visit to Cambodia, that was screened this week. Not a programme that Hanuman Films got involved with as it was co-ordinated by a company from Vietnam. The feedback suggests that the programme suffered as a result, with complaints about the waste of such a venue as Angkor Wat with limp tasks for the teams to complete. In addition, I hear that Sokha Helicopters got wrapped over the knuckles by the authorities for flying over the temples and using a tracking shot down the causeway of Angkor Wat. A ban on flights around Angkor is the result.
Also there's an end to elephant rides to the top of Phnom Bakheng. Angkor Village hotel operate the elephants that take tourists to the top of the hill for the overwhelmingly popular sunset but with a 4pm ban on visitors - in an attempt to negate the impact of hordes of tourists clambering over the temple every day - seemingly about to take effect, they've called time on the elephant rides. However, they will still operate them in and around the Angkor Park. On the film front, Hanuman have recently completed the ground servicing for the immensely popular Top Gear tv series from the UK, with the three presenters travelling through Vietnam on motorbikes. Apparently it'll be a programme to remember. More on this later.


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