Sunday, October 5, 2008

Meta magic

The Meta House program for this month is an interesting mix of film and music. Meta House is on Street 264 in Phnom Penh and does a great job in providing a monthly diet of events which has something for everyone. Whilst the filmed music of Joni Mitchell, Neil Young and Woodstock doesn't grab my lapel, it will for others, and the nights dedicated to Burma, Guatemala and Rwanda will also interest many. For me the films about Cambodia hold the greater interest, none more so that the premiere of Tiara Delgado's Bitter Mekong on Friday 24th. The filmmaker will be there to celerate her film, a look at the return to Cambodia for Rami Sambath to find his father's legacy, and to acknowledge UN Day.UXO night on Thursday 16th will include the Bombhunters documentary by Skye Fitzgerald and a film by Ian White on the Ho Chi Minh trail. The hypnotic Dogora gets an airing on Thursday 23rd, whilst Pilger Night on Saturday 18th will see three of his best docu's on Cambodia, Vietnam and East Timor. One documentary I hope to make is Cambodiana on Thursday 30th, which goes under the veil of mystery that is the Cardamom Mountains by director Estelle des Dorides. All rooftop events now begin at 8pm.


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