Friday, October 3, 2008

The legacy lives on

The main police station in Kompong Cham is a perfect example of the colonial legacy left by the French
In concluding my look at the architecture of Kompong Cham city, I've posted a few more examples of the faded French-colonial style buildings that can be found in pretty much every nook and cranny of the city's tree-lined boulevards and tight, cramped streets around the central market area. The influence of the French administration permeated all levels including the architecture of provincial centres like Kompong Cham, Kratie, Kampot and Battambang until the country finally gained independence in 1953. Their fading legacy lives on in their buildings.
This corner pharmacy and house looks onto the grassy boulevard running parallel to the river
Lovely porticoed balconies overlooking the fruit-shake stalls two blocks from the riverThese shop-houses have decorated arches, tailor-made for shop-fronts
This abandoned house is in need of loving care and attention
The city's Provincial Hall was known as the 'Black Building' before it was painted!
A glorious example of the new Khmer style of architecture that is prominent in the capital
The French-built sports centre including swimming pool and diving board that now moonlights as the city's Tourism Office and a fish farm!


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