Monday, June 23, 2008


The main roads throughout Laos have been variable, ranging from pretty good to pot-holed. Mr Now was the driver for our first leg to Luang Prabang and Son just completed the task in getting us to Vientiane this afternoon. Now was the most fashion-conscious driver I've ever met, he was coolness personified, despite the humid conditions whilst Son took some of those mountain bends a little too fast for my liking, but always with a smile and a refreshing bottle of cold water! There are more than enough rivers intersecting the mountainous countryside to keep boat enthusiasts busy, while various contraptions can be seen in the villages and rice-fields that have been cobbled together by the locals to get around.
Am I trying to fly or kayak, no-one was quite sure. This is at the end of our 3-hour kayak session in Luang Namtha
In one of the many ethnic villages near Muang Sing, I tried out this local motorized transporter of people and goods for size. There was a serious deficiency in leg room.
Making my way back across the Mekong River after visiting the Pak Ou caves near Luang Prabang
LtoR: Tim, Mr Now and Mr Tid, and the author on the final day of the first leg of our trip after a long drive from Muang Sing to Luang Prabang. Mr Now was the driver and Mr Tid was our guide, courtesy of Tiger Trails.


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