Monday, September 17, 2007

Photography for change...Ceramics festival

Have I mentioned it already? If not, the third annual Angkor Photography Festival will be held this year in Siem Reap, Cambodia, from November 17-28. The festival brings together well-known and passionate photographers from across the world such as Philip Jones Griffiths and Roland Neveu in a spirit of creativity and sharing. It showcases exhibitions and outdoor projections by renowned artists and photojournalists, while differentiating itself from other events with its strong educational goals. Participants share their art by leading free workshops for young Asian photographers, and give their time to outreach projects for underprivileged Cambodia children. They prove that photography can change lives. Read more here.

The fourth issue of Heritage Watch's TouchStone Magazine has been published. It's a quarterly mag that's distributed in Cambodia and abroad and well worth getting hold of a copy. When I get mine, I'll share with you what's in this new issue. I've just received their regular newsletter, which features news of a Ceramics conference and festival in Siem Reap later this year.
The National Center for Khmer Ceramic revival in partnership with Heritage Watch and the Center for Khmer Studies will host a festival and academic conference in December. The Conference, entitled Ancient Khmer Ceramics: New Archaeological Findings, Production and the Revival of Techniques, aims to bring together Cambodian and international scholars specialized in ancient Khmer ceramics, with contemporary potters and craftsmen working in the revival of ancient production techniques. The objective is to raise awareness of the archaeological importance of ancient Cambodian ceramics and the new opportunities for sustainable economic development in the region through ceramic technology. In conjunction with the conference, a festival will be held that is open to the public and will involve ceramic production and special 'firings' of kilns. The festival lasts from 11-29 December. All are welcome to visit the Center on National Route 6 not far from Siem Reap's airport.


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