Sunday, January 3, 2010

What a homecoming

My kinda night, surrounded by 4 lovely faces at 4Faces: LtoR: Nika, me, Kunthea, Somean, Liza
I'm literally just in the door and got a rare opportunity to watch Leeds United on television, accompanied by a chicken curry of course. Not only that but they beat Man United 1-0 in the FA Cup at Old Trafford and that has got to go down as their best result for years. I've been a Leeds fan since I was wet behind the ears but had little to shout about in recent years until tonight. So now I'm shouting. I spent the morning with my team from Hanuman visiting the Angkor Silk Farm at Puok and the Angkor Crafts Center in Siem Reap, both run by the folks at Artisans d'Angkor, who now employ over 1,000 Cambodians. They are a major success story and have a well-run operation at both centers that allows a fast-flow of tourists every day of the week. The rest of the day was spent on the bus making our return to Phnom Penh. Last night, the Hanuman staff party was a top-drawer success. Everyone had a great time and it was a great opportunity for the whole of the Hanuman operation to get together and have a whale of a time. And they did. I rolled in around 2am after popping into the 4Faces bar to catch the very end of their big night.
A view from behind Nick and Kulikar at last night's Hanuman staff party
During a lull in the dancing, this is Kunthea, who was my Madizone dance partner, at the Hanuman party
A quick stop at 4Faces to see the new exhibition with works by Geoff Croll and Jean Francois Perigois
Intense concentration from this female wood caver at Artisans d'Angkor at their Siem Reap center

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Congratulation for your favorite team Leed United....

January 4, 2010 10:30 AM  

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