Saturday, September 19, 2009

Heritage saviours?

One of the delapidated buildings that the Heritage Mission would like to save on St 108
So who are the Heritage Mission? Apart from organizing the tour of the old French quarter a couple of weeks ago, the Heritage Mission are intent on carrying out an inventory, surveys and analysis on the urban and religious heritage of Phnom Penh before its lost forever. In the race to build new structures, many of the old buildings that are the essence of the city's history, are being lost, despite a 1996 law that should protect cultural heritage. Heritage Mission are focused on raising awareness about this issue by highlighting the historical aspects of the buildings as well as implementing emergency conservation measures where possible. Their team is made up of five architects and an archaeologist alongwith a group of willing helpers. It was created in 2005 as a joint venture between the Cambodian Ministry of Culture & Fine Arts and the French Embassy. They will hold a conference on the construction of Phnom Penh at the French Cultural Center on 30 September at 7pm, which is open to all.
Listening to one of the Heritage Mission's speakers during the tour of the old French quarter



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Andy, yes, Cambodia needs help from people like the heritage mission organization to save the many dilapidated, but beautiful colonial architecture of Cambodia. I would be nice to see the pictures you posted here now and compare it with when these rare and relics architecture can be saved with most with just a touch of fresh paints while some needs major overhaul. Thanks Heritage Mission organization for taking a serious interest in helping to preserve and protect those beautiful and rare colonial architecture. That said, however, I think Cambodia shouldn't stop development altogether. Like they did it in Singapore, Cambodia can save these colonial wonders from disappearing permanently and be replace with newer more modern buildings and so forth. Thanks for sharing.

September 20, 2009 3:02 AM  

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