Monday, September 1, 2008

Meta's messages

It's that time of the month again when I look at the program of events at Meta House (on Street 264 in Phnom Penh) and pick out anything that I like the look of. Bit of a mixed bunch for September in my view and not much that really stands out, though the choice is wide and probably something for everyone is how I would describe this month's schedule. I quite fancy the rough-cut version of the first showing of Heart Talk, a who-done-it feature film from Khmer Mekong Films that will show on Saturday 20th. Maybe a chance to have a say in how the final version will appear. On Wednesday this week (3rd) there's a 96 minute drama film dealing with human trafficking and child labour issues in Cambodia from the BBC called In The Dark. It was shown in cinemas and on tv last year. The Messenger Band (pictured) make their Meta House debut on Saturday 13th. Formed by female garment factory workers a couple of years ago, they sing about globalization, sex work and child labour. The Womyn's Agenda for Change initiated the band as a way of getting across their message and it seems to work. There's a slew of other documentaries and films throughout the month on a variety of topics, as well as two exhibitions, Art of Survival until the 12th and then on 16th, a new exhibition opens, In Transit: Phnom Penh's urban spaces. Something for everyone at Meta House.


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