Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hinds on podcast

The folks at have just posted a 28-minute podcast interview with David Hinds, the mainstay behind my favourite band of all time, reggae legends Steel Pulse. They even included a couple of my questions in the interview too. David sounded calm, relaxed and in good spirits as he talked about his influences and what shaped some of the band's most famous tracks. Steel Pulse are workaholics, they tour almost constantly and though the band are originally from England, they spend most of their time overseas. It was great to hear David say that the lyrics and demos for a new studio album have already been laid down. However, these things take time and it may be this time next year before we see the next album offering from the band. Their last was African Holocaust in 2004. David also hinted that if a promoter could be found, they'd willingly consider a first-ever gig here in Cambodia. Anyone out there? Here's the link to the podcast. And as ever, here's my own website on Steel Pulse, the largest on the internet.


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