Monday, August 18, 2008

Art of Survival

An Art of Survival painting by Leang Seckon
I managed to grab a quick peek at the Art of Survival Part 2 exhibition at Meta House last night before sitting down to enjoy the Rithy Panh film, One Evening After The War, on the rooftop terrace. Due to go global, this exhibition includes works by contemporary Cambodian artists as well as foreign guests, giving their personal interpretation of Cambodia's recent traumatic past. It runs until 13 September and in partnership with the Bophana Center, has spawned a book, Cambodian Artists Speak Out: The Art of Survival.
Using kramas to express herself, this artwork is by Chan Pisey

Perhaps the most well-known artist in Cambodia at this time is Vann Nath. His paintings and sketches of his experiences during a year of captivity at Tuol Sleng have for many years informed visitors of the cruel activities that took place at the S-21 headquarters in Phnom Penh. He recently exhibited a series of newly-created paintings and sketches at the Bophana Center in the city before taking his exhibits to Bangkok, under the title Endurance. Now that collection is being issued as a limited edition of 79 numbered and signed copies, 79 being symbolic of the year Vann Nath escaped imprisonment and the year that Phnom Penh was liberated from the Khmer Rouge. The full collection includes fine art prints of 12 paintings and 14 sketches. They are available for purchase at his Phnom Penh gallery on Street 169, Art World on Street 240 and the Thavibu gallery in Bangkok.
Vann Nath is seen here painting Pol Pot for the S-21 chief Duch, from the Endurance collection


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