Saturday, March 15, 2008

Wat Nokor's Preah Noreay

The impressive Preah Noreay statue at Wat Nokor's eastern entrance
In concluding my look at the Wat Nokor complex near Kompong Cham, the 13th century temple has a wealth of carvings as well as statues for the visitor to admire. This eight-arm statue represents Preah Noreay, a Hindu goddess who is said to bestow fertility on childless women, and can be found at the eastern entrance to the temple. The statue is a mix of original sandstone and concrete additions, with the eight hands each holding an item of special significance. Its a cross between Shiva and Lokeshvara and is similar to a statue that used to reside at Tonle Bati before it was moved to the National Museum. Below is a closer look at the chest of the statue containing numerous smaller versions of Buddha.
Details from the torso of the eight-arm Preah Noreay statue at Wat Nokor
A four-arm statue of Preah Noreay at Wat Nokor
Above is a 4-armed version of Preah Noreay to be found opposite the 8-armed version just inside the inner entrance at the eastern gateway to Wat Nokor. A large club is the only weapon held by this statue, which again is a mix of original sandstone and concrete repairs. At the foot of the statue are small naga antefixes which usually sit on the upper levels of the temple's towers. Below is a modern Buddhist altar in one of the small side buildings on the northern section of the complex. In front of the Buddha is a small inscription stone from Angkorean time.
A small inscription stone sits in front of this modern Buddha altar


Anonymous downeastflyer said...

I have just purchased a bas-relief of eight hands noreay from Cambodia but can't find out much about her. Where can you find her story?

August 28, 2008 7:48 AM  

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