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Ku Klux Klan - Steel Pulse's first major commercial single success in 1978.

Steel Pulse Albums

Handsworth Revolution

1. Handsworth Revolution; 2. Bad Man; 3. Soldiers; 4. Sound Check; 5. Prodigal Son; 6. Ku Klux Klan; 7. Prediction; 8. Macka Splaff.

Released in 1978 on Island Records. Producer; Karl Pitterson. The debut album from Steel Pulse that catapulted them into the public consciousness. The Handsworth crew were soon to support the legendary Bob Marley & The Wailers on tour and their first single from the album, Ku Klux Klan became a reggae anthem.

Tribute To The Martyrs

1. Unseen Guest; 2. Sound System; 3. Jah Pickney- R.A.R.; 4. Tribute To The Martyrs; 5. Babylon Makes The Rules; 6. Uncle George; 7. Biko's Kindred Lament; 8. Blasphemy (Selah).

Released in 1979 on Island Records. Producer; Karl Pitterson. Political and spiritual awareness were the order of the day with the release of TTTM.

Caught You

1. Drug Squad; 2. Harassment; 3. Reggae Fever; 4. Shining; 5. Heart Of Stone (Chant Them); 6. Rumours (Not True); 7. Caught You Dancing; 8. Burning Flame; 9. Higher Than High; 10. Nyahbinghi Voyage.

Released in 1980 on Island Records. Producer; Geoffrey Chung. Known as 'Reggae Fever' in the USA, this was the band's last album for Island Records.

True Democracy

1. Chant A Psalm; 2. Ravers; 3. Find It...Quick!; 4. A Who Responsible?; 5. Rally Round; 6. Leggo Beast; 7. Blues Dance Raid; 8. Your House; 9. Man No Sober; 10. Dub Marcus Say.

Released in 1982 on Wise Man Doctrine/Elektra. Producer; Karl Pitterson. The album sleeve contains illustrations by lead guitarist Basil Gabbidon, who left the band before its actual release. It was recorded in a whirlwind 25 days in Aarhus, Denmark. The album was released on the band's own Wise Man Doctrine label and licensed out to Elektra in the USA.

BBC College Concert # 6 - Steel Pulse

1. Uncle George; 2. Blues Dance Raid; 3. Soldiers; 4. Rally Round; 5. Riot; 6. Chant A Psalm; 7. A Who Responsible; 8. Sound System; 9. Ravers.

BBC College Concert broadcast week of 17 October 1982. Total duration 53:55. Recorded in Santa Cruz, California.

Earth Crisis

1. Steppin' Out; 2. Tight Rope; 3. Throne Of Gold; 4. Rollerskates; 5. Earth Crisis; 6. Bodyguard; 7. Grab Education; 8. Wild Goose Chase.

Released in 1984 on Wise Man Doctrine/Elektra. Producer; Steel Pulse & Jimmy 'Senyah' Haynes.

Reggae Greats (Compilation)

1. Sound System; 2. Babylon Makes The Rules; 3. Don't Give In; 4. Soldiers; 5. Prodigal Son; 6. Ku Klux Klan; 7. Macka Splaff; 8. Drug Squad; 9. Reggae Fever; 10. Handsworth Revolution.

Released in 1984 by Island Records. Producer; various. One of the reggae compilation samplers that Island are renowned for.

Babylon The Bandit

1. Save Black Music; 2. Not King James Version; 3. School Boy's Crush (Jail Bait); 4. Sugar Daddy; 5. Kick That Habit; 6. Blessed Is The Man; 7. Love Walks Out; 8. Don't Be Afraid; 9. Babylon The Bandit.

Released in 1985 on Elektra Records. Producer; Jimmy 'Senyah' Haynes. This album earned the band a coveted Grammy music award, but a dispute with the record label saw a parting of the ways. The album itself received a mixed reaction from Pulse followers.

State of Emergency

1. State Of Emergency; 2. Dead End Circuit; 3. Steal A Kiss; 4. Hijacking; 5. P.U.S.H.; 6.Love This Reggae Music; 7. Said You Was An Angel; 8. Reaching Out; 9. Melting Pot; 10. Disco Drop Out; 11. Reaching Out (Extended Version).

Released in 1988 on MCA Records. Producer; Steel Pulse & Godwin Logie. An album blatantly aimed at the mainstream record-buying market.


1. Taxi Driver; 2. Can't Get You (Out of My System); 3. Soul of My Soul; 4. Feel The Passion; 5. Money; 6. Victims; 7. Gang Warfare; 8. To Tutu; 9. Free The Land; 10. We Can Do It; 11. Stay With The Rhythm; 12. Evermore; 13. Dudes; 14. Taxi (Dub); 15 We Can Do It (Acappella).

Released in June 1991 on MCA Records. Producer; Steel Pulse & Paul Horton. Steel Pulse returned to the UK and Birmingham to record this album at the Dub Factory. It includes contributions from Stevie Wonder and Pato Banton.

Rastafari Centennial - Live In Paris (Elysee Montmartre)

1. State Of Emergency; 2. Rollerskates; 3. Ku Klux Klan; 4. Blues Dance Raid; 5. Taxi Driver; 6. Soldiers; 7. Steppin' Out; 8. Chant A Psalm; 9. Gang Warfare; 10. Stay Wid De Ridim; 11. Makka Medley (Makka Splaff, Drugs Squad, Handsworth Revolution); 12. Ravers (includes Dungeons); 13. Rally Round; 14. Reprise.

Released in September 1992 on MCA Records. Producer; Steel Pulse. Recorded live in Paris, France.

Smash Hits (Compilation)

1. Ravers; 2. Rollerskates; 3. Chant A Psalm; 4. Steppin' Out; 5. Your House; 6. Not King James Version; 7. Worth His Weight In Gold (Rally Round); 8. Dub Marcus Say (Rally Dub); 9. Earth Crisis; 10. Blues Dance Raid; 11. Save Black Music; 12. Bodyguard; 13. Leggo Beast; 14. Babylon The Bandit; 15. Tightrope; 16. Rollerskates (dub)

Released in January 1993 on Elektra Records. Producer; Karl Pitterson & Jimmy 'Senyah' Haynes. A compilation from Elektra with tracks taken from the three albums released under their banner in the USA.


1. Bootstraps; 2. Back To My Roots; 3. Islands Unite; 4. Better days; 5. In My Life; 6. Endangered Species; 7. New World Order; 8. X Resurrection; 9. Whirlwind Romance; 10. No Justice No Peace; 11. Dirty H20; 12. Dub To My Roots; 12. Dubite.

Released in September 1994 on MCA Records. Producer; Steel Pulse. Recorded in Jamaica, this studio album features contributions from Diana King, Tony Rebel, Macka B and Jukie Ranks. It was seen as a return to the band's musical roots, most forcefully in the track, Back To My Roots.


1. Rally Round; 2. Ravers; 3. Prodigal Son; 4. Steppin' Out; 5. Earth Crisis; 6. Tribute To The Martyrs; 7. Babylon Makes The Rules; 8. Chant A Psalm; 9. Reggae Fever; 10. Islands Unite; 11. Back To My Roots; 12. Bodyguard; 13. Taxi Driver; 14. Handsworth Revolution; 15. Bootstraps; 16. Don't Give In; 17. Rollerskates, 18. Bown Eyed Girl.

Released in 1996 on Wise Man Doctrine. Producer; Steel Pulse & various. A definitive collection of the band's classic cuts released on their own Wiseman Doctrine label and chosen by the band themselves.

Rage & Fury

1. Emotional Prisoner; 2. Role Model; 3. I-Spy (No Stranger To Danger); 4. Brown Eyed Girl; 5. The Real Terrorist; 6. Black & Proud; 7. Ku Klux Klan; 8. House Of Love; 9. Blame On Me; 10. Black Enough?; 11. Peace Party; 12. Spiritualize It; 13. KKK In The Jungle.

Released in August 1997 on Wise Man Doctrine/Tuff Gong. Producer; Graham Dickson. Regarded as the quintessential protest album, it features contributions from Ruby Turner, Mega Banton, Jukie Ranks, Prezident Brown and Michael Franti. The cover version of Van Morrison's Brown Eyed Girl was released as a single.

Sound System: The Island Anthology (Compilation double album)

1. Handsworth Revolution; 2. Bad Man; 3. Soldiers; 4. Sound Check; 5. Prodigal Son; 6. Ku Klux Klan; 7. Prediction; 8. Macka Splaff; 9. Bun Dem; 10. Nyah Luv (live); 11. Unseen Guest; 12. Sound System; 13. Jah Pickney - R.A.R.; 14. Tribute To The Martyrs.

1. Babylon Makes The Rules/Devil's Disciples; 2. Uncle George; 3. Biko's Kindred Lament; 4. Blasphemy; 5. Macka Spaff; 6. Drug Squad; 7. Harassment; 8. Reggae Fever; 9. Shining; 10 Heart Of Stone; 11. Rumours; 12. Caught You Dancing; 13. Burning Flame; 14. Higher Than High; 15. Nyahbinghi Voyage; 16. Don't Give In.

Released in March 1997 on Island Records. Producer; various. Thirty tracks showcasing their three albums for Island and some other rarities including a live version of Nyah Luv. The excellent liner notes by Tom Terrell chart the band's early years.

Living Legacy (live)

1. Nyahbinghi Voyage; 2. Bodyguard; 3. Islands Unite; 4. Sound System; 5. Reggae Fever; 6. Medley Medley; 7. Prodigal Son; 8. Ku Klux Klan (Sleight Return); 9. Black Enough?; 10. In A Me Life; 11. Back To My Roots; 12. Bootstraps.

Released in August 1999 on Tuff Gong Records. Producer; Graham Dickson. Recorded at concerts in Paris (Jan 1996), Amsterdam (Nov 1997) and Puerto Rico (Feb 1999), this was the band's second live album.

Ultimate Collection (Compilation)

1. Handsworth Revolution; 2. Ku Klux Klan; 3. Prediction; 4. Revolution Dub (Take 1); 5. Prodigal Son; 6. Tribute To The Martyrs; 7. Babylon Makes The Rules; 8. Sound System; 9. Uncle George; 10. Burning Flame; 11. Caught You Dancing; 12. Not King James Version; 13. No Justice No Peace; 14. Settle The Score; 15. Back To My Roots/Dub To My Roots; 16. Evermore.

Released in May 2000 on UNI/HIP-O Records. Producer; Steel Pulse & various.

20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection (Compilation)

1.Handsworth Revolution; 2. Soldiers; 3. Ku Klux Klan; 4. Sound System; 5. Babylon Makes The Rules; 6. Drug Squad; 7. Heart of Stone; 8. Reggae Fever; 9. Ravers; 10. State of Emergency; 11. Can't Stand It; 12. Taxi Driver.

Released in May 2004 on HIP-O Records. Producer; Steel Pulse & various.

African Holocaust

1. Global Warning; 2. Blazing Fire; 3. Must Be A Way; 4. Make Us A Nation; 5. Dem A Wolf; 6. No More Weapons; 7. Tyrant; 8. Door Of No Return; 9. Born Fi Rebel; 10. Darker Than Blue; 11. George Jackson; 12. African Holocaust; 13. Uncle George.

Released in June 2004 on Sanctuary/RAS/Nocturne. Producer; Steel Pulse & various. This was the band's first studio album since Rage & Fury in 1997.

Steel Pulse looking tough for their 1985 Babylon The Bandit release.David Hinds and that incredible hairstyle.


Steel Pulse Singles

1976Nyah Luv - Steel Pulse single from 1977

(A) Kibudu - Mansatta - Abuku (B) Mansatta Instrumental


(A) Nyah Luv (B) Luv Nyah


(A) Ku Klux Klan (B) Ku Klux Klan. 12" single: (B) Bun Dem

(A) Prodigal Son (B) Prodigal Son Dub. 12" single: (B) Bad Man

(A) Prediction (B) Revolution Dub (Take I). 12" single: (B) Revolution Dub (Take II), Maka


(A) Sound System (B) Crampars Style. 12" inch: (B) Babylon Makes the Rules/Devil's Disciples

1980Steel Pulse single, Prodigal Son

(A) Don't Give In (B) Don't. 12" single: (B) Reggae Fever

(A) Caught You Dancing (B) Caught. 12" single: (B) Heart of Stone


(A) Rally Round (B) Dub Marcus Say

(A) Ravers (B) Leggo Beast. 12" single: (B) Rally Round, Find It...Quick!, Your House

(A) Your House (B) Find It...Quick!

1984Steel Pulse single, Sound System

(A) Steppin' Out (B) Body Guard. 12" single: (B) Steppin' Out Dub, Rally Round

(A) Rollerskates (B) Grab Education. 12" single: (B) Rollerskates Remix, Dub


(A) Love Walks Out (B) Kick That Habit, Save Black Music

(A) Save Black Music (B) Extended Remix, LP version, Instrumental


(A) Reaching Out (B) Reaching Out Dub. 12" single: (B) Reaching Out Extended, Radio Edit, Dub, Acapella


(A) Soul of My Soul (B) Dub of My Dub. 12" single: (B) Instrumental


(A) Taxi Driver (B) Rebel on Pulse, Dub, LP version, Rebel the Taxi mix


(A) Bootstraps (B) Back to My Roots. 12" single: (B) Bootstraps Shoe Polish mix, Bootstraps Head Stomping mix


(A) Brown Eyed Girl (B) Bag O Tricks Mix, Stack's Dig & Dance Radio Mix, Bag O Tricks Extended Mix, Stack's Dig & Dance Mix, Bulging Eyeball Mix

(A) When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman (B) Radio Edit, The Real Terrorist


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